10 Things To Remove From Life To Become More Productive

All the time we together used to talk about good things on this platform. But, it’s unfair to not talk about BAD things. Nope, actually, we should talk about Bad things too, so that we can try to avoid those bad enemies. Yeah, I always used to say try to implement some of the things I’ve shared with you this time, try to avoid these things to be more productive. I am back with “Things To Remove From Life To Be More Productive.”

To become an ideal personality it is very important to have a look at all these things. You should know what things you must avoid.

Yeah, it is necessary to talk about this. Will be helpful for everyone.

So let’s start to hit the list

10 Things To Remove From Life To Be More Productive


10.) Comparing with others


Some people always make comparisons with everyone. Like “This is a guy like Harry” OR “These will not work cause Jack had tried this already so you can’t“. I really hate these kind personalities. You will find most of the times our parents used to do this, “Sharamaji Ka Beta IAS Ban Gaya” πŸ™‚
Actually, this is just the wasting of time. Why are you comparing yourself? Every Body on this Planet is Unique and instead of finding uniqueness we are comparing each other.
That’s the thing you need to avoid. Yeah, An Ideal Personality won’t accept this trait. πŸ˜‰

9.) Jealousy

Stop Being Jealous (Even I’m trying this). Jealousy really makes us feel sad and out of the ground. It forced us to quit the game and take a rest. We used to get jealous by others success (especially our friends or relatives). Rather than being Jealous, you must find some good things from his/her success. Try to find, “How he/she did it?” Try to implement it. Jealousy does nothing but wastes your time and depresses you. So try not to be jealous. Try to understand the efforts and the cause behind it.

8.) Waiting For The Perfect Time

I’ve seen many friends who say, “I will start this from this day cause it’s my birthday or special day“. Boss, tell me the reason why this moment you are living is not Perfect? Tell Me! You are going to waste the best moments of your life just because your birthday is on the way, just because some great things happened some years back from this day. What’s the problem to make today as the special day for next year? Why don’t you make every day of your life a special one? It’s all your choice.
Stop Waiting For the Perfect Time, Take action right now and make your time perfect. πŸ™‚

7.) Regret

As a human nature, everyone regrets after failing. Yeah, this situation is NOT AT ALL OKAY. But, it is needed. Yeah, failure is needed. Just imagine a story of success without hard work and efforts. NOT INTERESTING. πŸ˜‰ So, Do you want to make your life story non-interesting? If no, then just think how should have to be the HERO of the story? What if he is regretting on his failure?
You will hate HERO. πŸ˜‰ Yup, this is what happens in real life. You have to be so strong that you won’t regret cause of any failure in life. You need to find the lesson from it. Fix the issue. And go ahead.

6.) The Desire Of Overnight Success

What I think about Success is, “We all think that Success is HARD, but to be honest Success is VERY EASY. But, our people are trying to find the HARD methods to achieve it and ignores the EASY WAYS. And that’s how SUCCESS BECOMES HARD.
Yep, success is easy, but not that easy that if you dreamed of becoming a billionaire overnight, YOU WILL. Stop thinking this type of NONSENSE. This is possible, but not as you think. What you used to think is, “I will upload the video on YouTube. It went viral. I’ll be famous. I will be Billionaire.” Boss, Be Mature.
It needs WORK (smart). It needs true desire, faith, and action.
Even Donkey does the Hard Work but, he isn’t a national animal. πŸ˜‰
Stop Desire Of Overnight Success and take actions.

10 Things To Remove From Life

5.) Worrying What Others Say

The greatest prison that people live in is the fear of what other people think. – David Icke

Even I was the prey of this solid disease once. Which took me towards too many small failures and discomfort. This makes me prisoner with freedom. Yep, thinking about what others will think about you is just like Riding your own bike (with all agreement papers) with the fear of POLICE. You have right to ride your life. Do whatever you want (Don’t try stunts).
If you are thinking what others will say, then what they (others) will do? Let them waste their time. And live each and every moment and make it awesome. STOP WORRYING ABOUT WHAT OTHERS Β WILL SAY. All the successful personalities did this, cause they understood that this is what stops people reaching Success. What if they had worried about what others say? Just think.

4.) Avoiding Your Problems

Many times when something or someone tries to make us feel uncomfortable, we used to avoid it. Which leads at the stage where that makes us totally depressing. What is the reason behind it?
You avoided this. Stop avoiding this kind of things. Cause, you are not comfortable. You have to be comfortable. Just because you think you can’t handle this, don’t stop avoiding your problems. Avoiding your problems takes you towards FAILURE. If you are wishing to FAIL, carry on. But, if you’re not. Take action. Be the man of action and throw back on it.
Stop avoiding problems, try to figure it out, find the solution and fix it. πŸ˜‰

3.) Need To Say YES

This is also my BIG MINUS POINT. πŸ™ Yeah, I don’t like to say NO to people. But, this is what somewhere makes me feel uncomfortable while executing the things. We should not fear to say NO directly if you are not confident about it. With that, you can explain the reason behind that to the person.
This will be somewhere knock you in mind that, “You made mistake by saying YES. ” So better regretting later says NO at the time. This won’t make your personality DOWN. Just give it a try.
It’s not necessary to say YES to everything. Go for the things you are comfortable with. πŸ™‚

2.) Harmful Friendship

You will get this by just the Heading. Avoid Harmful Friendship. This doesn’t need more explanation. Cause you all know, that Harmful Friendship (Friends with no Good intention/drugs addicted/disrespectful) will kill you. You need to be an expert at this task of Finding Good Friends. Always try to be in touch with Inferior. Always stay with them who is helping you out in many situations. Try friendships with OLD PEOPLES. Avoid drug-addicted friends otherwise, this will make your whole life HELL.
Choose your friendship zone carefully with good ones. Try to learn all the time from them. If you think that there is nothing to learn from them, JUST QUIT. Find new friends.

1.) FEAR

Last but not the Least (You might be bored hearing this Sentence).
FEAR- The most common enemy of the human being. Everyone has a fear of failing, everyone fears what others will say and all. But even, you know, “Darr Ke Aage Jeet Hai :)” HAHAHA!
You must have to become fearless cause actually we keep thinking about 90% of the things that are not going to happen. You need to Know HOW TO OVERCOME FEAR. I will upload an article on this soon so stay tuned. πŸ™‚
Many people avoid taking Risks cause of Fear. To be an expert in your business, you need to take RISKS. So you can’t get out of it. Go for it. Take risks. Fail. Learn from it. Fix it. Try Again and ACHIEVE. πŸ˜‰
Attitude full of fear will stop you from achieving your goals, will stop you from going ahead, makes you loose from the inside, and will make you LOOSER. Overcome it and be a man of action. Try to speak out your thoughts and chase your mind lowing dreams.
That’s it.

So, we are done with 10 things. Hope you liked this.

You should this all the things to remove from life to become more productive and an ideal person. So, this list of 10 Things To Become More Productive will help you. If possible, give it a share to help your bloody mates. πŸ™‚

But I want to know more things from you. JUST DROP THEM DOWN IN THE COMMENT BOX.
And let me know which one you liked. πŸ˜‰

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