5 Popular Hobbies That Can Make You Money

Jared Diamond, a famous geographer, and historian once said that “I would rather spend my leisure time doing what some people call my work and I call my fun. You are lucky if you can fill your purse by utilizing your hobby. The Internet has paved the way for numbers of small businesses. Either you own a large enterprise or a small firm you cannot reach to your customer easily if you don’t have a proper website or don’t have proper online structure.


Though almost every business requires presence online to be easily accessible for its customer. However, there is one kind of business which operates almost entirely through the internet. Freelancing is one of the best ways to use your skills to earn profit without considerable investment. You are your own boss and you don’t require to follow certain protocols in working hour’s neither you need a particular timetable to work.

The key to being successful in every business is to have a proper plan to initiate and operate their business and It would be easier for you to earn from what you doing if you like your work. Today we are going to discuss few small businesses that don’t require a certain degree instead it requires you to do what you might like to do in your leisure time and it’s also good enough to keep your pockets fill.

Blogging / Writing

I still remember how important it was for me to see my story getting published in child magazines. I have been writing stories and biographies since I was a kid. That time it was considered more as a hobby than a way of earning money. In today’s world content writing or blogging is considered to be one of the most efficient ways to convey your ideas and thoughts. You can connect to many other likeminded people and present your point of view in a manner that could make you known to the others and profitable too. It’s the best way to provide the most relevant content to your audience and you can effectively build brand awareness as well.

Through blogging, you can strengthen your relationship with your existing audience and with a new audience. You can also provide a comment section that will help you to follow your visitor’s responses. No matter how small your business is blogging is the best way to connect with your customer and provide the information your customer wants the most. Today everyone wants to remain updated and events occurring all over the world have made people more curious to gain information related to the particular events.

Live Music

We all love to hear good music through our preferences differ but still, it’s something we all would love to hear and sing. If you have a good voice then you can use it to gain popularity and earn money. The Internet has made it easy for you to connect with music lovers and earn money through your talent.

All you have to do is to create your channel on YouTube, record some videos of you singing and then post them on your channel. You also need to create a Facebook page because it’s the app to connect with people and you need to be there to make people know about your channel. Sponsorship or as some people say brand collaboration is useful to initiate your channel as you require funds to make better videos and come up with some innovation. In most cases, you mention the product of the sponsored company or you wear its outfit.


If you are one of those who loves to take pictures then you can utilize your hobby as a small business which you can run even from your home. If you keep your camera with yourself all the time then you can use every place as your studio. Travelogues were once the only source to describe the beauty of place person visited but an invention of DSLR cameras and their availability at a reasonable price made it easy for us to share our experience through photos. However, traveling isn’t the field for you to start your photography business.


The first and most important thing is to identify the type of photography you want to do. Some business needs photos of their products while some need photos of large mountains for their VLOG page. So it is important to create a plan and decide field you prefer to go in. Select a name for your business, try to use something that reflects your business and then gather supplies or things you want to initiate your business. Collaboration with other firms is good but thanks to the internet you can have access to the targeted customers through various channels so it worth a chance to take solo flight at the initial stage.

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Stock Investing

Gambling may not be legal in many countries but stock investing is. It’s not exactly as gambling but it contains lots of risk with lots of benefits. Instead of keeping money in your account invest them somewhere where you have chances to earn twice but everything chance comes with some risks. It’s important for beginners to take steps carefully before investing in stocks.

Stock investing is not entirely based on luck as some perceive. Like many other businesses it also needs time and effort to learn skills, you require to be the expert or at least to be aware of games played in the stock exchange. Don’t try to invest large amount initially, take smaller steps and keep yourself updated about ongoing business tussle. Business-related channels and newspapers are the best options to be updated about the Business situation of the country in which you invested. There are multiple apps available that would be helpful for you to buy and sell stocks through your cellphone.

Get crafty

Just imagine a birthday gift without proper gift paper. It would not be that classy as some gift wrapped in proper paper and have a card attached to it. We always love to have something that is different and better than others.

A market handmade craft business is booming day by day and as people can buy such crafts through the internet and shop those as well so it’s a lot easier for you to interact with target audience if you have good in crafting. Being active on social media is the best way for the publicity of your handmade items. Establish a personal brand with a unique name and which could be helpful in connecting with customers. Create original crafts, identify a niche market and gain customer trust by providing safe and easy transactions.


You can keep your hobbies to yourself and do them to enjoy and spend your time but it doesn’t hurt to utilize your hobbies to earn money and achieve publicity and viewership. Let the world know about your skills and use them to help others who might find your skills useful for them. Learn and share your experience to make this world a better place and help people who don’t have access or resources to get proper studies. Skills we mentioned above requires fewer resources and can get you maximum benefits and using them for business can help you and many others like you as well.

Thank you so much for reading 😉 We hope you liked it. Have a great day.

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