Here we are with the new interesting topic. You must be bored hearing this words on and on again. Why? Is it bad? Nope, it’s super awesome if you cracked it in right way. According to some lazy peoples like Meditation is just like being hard on yourself. Let’s talk on Mindfulness Meditation. How To Start Mindfulness Meditation. I said, “Mindfulness.” (With full concentration)
As I said before, “It seems pretty hard when we hear such terms.” Wait! Let me show you why it looks hard.
According to Library of Information (Wikipedia) meditation is:

How To Start Mindfulness Meditation

Huh, isn’t it crazy? This definition is just like reading Chemical Reactions in Chemistry book without knowing their IUPAC name. Oops, I went into studies. Does that classical definition of Meditation attracted towards Meditation? Hehe, I know your
reaction after reading that. Hardly 1 in 1000 people will start meditating after reading that. Why? Don’t you think that definition made you feel uncomfortable? It made me. 🙁

What Is Meditation?

If we started exploring this keyword in our mind, we would get plenty of definitions of Meditation. You just have to create your definition. Let me help you understand Meditation in Simple Words.

Meditation is:

2.) that which gives you Deep Rest
3.) allows your mind to dissolve
4.) Art of Living
5.) Focusing
6.) Avoiding Distractions
7.) Being Present in Present Moment

Cool! Everyone says Meditation is CONCENTRATION. But, do you know what Sri Si Ravi Shankar (founder of Meditation) says about Meditation?

How To Start Mindfulness Meditation

Yeah! So, now you might have absorbed and understood that Meditation is Simple. Let’s move ahead and learn how to start Mindfulness Meditation.

How To Start Mindfulness Meditation

Whenever we think about Meditation first image comes to our mind is Someone sitting in silent place with closed eyes and folded hands. You are the beginner, right? Let’s make it easy for you.
You can start meditating with open eyes also. Yeah! There is no need to stay away from distractions and sit in the silent zone with closed eyes. Umm, meditating in distraction will make you more focused. Yeah! It is true.
How can you start MINDFULNESS meditation anywhere?

The basic of all this stuff is just turning your mind away from all the distracting things around and to dive into own body, own mind. That’s it. You have to forget the rest and have to dive into yourself.
Start with focusing on all the small sounds around you. You have to find a path to reach out to that little sounds in between loud ones. As you start trying, your mind will automatically switch to airplane mode until your mind get distracted by yourself. To be honest, no one can distract a person without himself/herself. Even in the CROWD. Yep, the only person who is distracting you from all good things is YOU.



As you started focusing on little sound. Boss! That’s it. You’ve learned meditation. Now you just have to take it on next level. Now you have to take a look inside your mind. Start listening to your heartbeats. Start focusing on your breath. Keep this in mind; your mind should have to be EMPTY. It will be little hard at the beginning but once you get into this blanket of your mind will cover you from all the Negative things around you.
What you have to understand is You can start Mindfulness Meditation Anytime and Anywhere.

Observing child around you without a word in your mind is also Meditation.
Listening to the sound of a pin dropping in the room is Meditation.
Listening to the sound of flowing water is Meditation.
Hearing to the sound of Tree’s leaves is Meditation.
Hearing to your breath and heartbeat is Meditation.
Roaming alone with Nature and observing his beauty is Meditation.
Listening to peaceful music is Meditation.
Reading some book with fully involved in it is Meditation.
Observing your life is Meditation.

Mostly peoples after their 40s start recognizing this all stuff. So better start in your 20s that in your 40s you will not say, “I should have tried this.” 🙂 It’s the only right time to start.

Advantages Of Mindfulness Meditation

I have already published an article on 7 Important Things You Should Know About Meditation

Every person knows the Advantages of Meditation even if he/she is doing it or not. We are all aware that it is Perfect and good for everyone. Still, you are getting away from it. Start it by now and make your life more active, perspective and more meaningful.
And sorry for lazy one cause, there are no disadvantages of Meditation 🙂


1.) The Effect Lasts All Day Long
2.) It Doesn’t Take a Long Time To Start Working
3.) Can Make You Happier
4.) Helps you to Reduce Blood Pressure
5.) Reduces your Pain
6.) Makes You More Alert
7.) Is Not Hard To Learn (It’s Very Simple)
And the list goes on. List out all the advantages and start working.

We are done with this now. It’s your turn to start Meditating 🙂 Hope you liked it. There are too many Books available to learn Meditation deeply. You can grab it to improve your skills. I’ve found this book helpful: Mindfulness: A practical guide to finding peace in a frantic world.

If you have tried this, you can let us know your experience and can give some tips for our readers by dropping it down in the comment box below 🙂

Thanks for Reading! Revisit us. 🙂
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