Do you want to get peoples to like you or heck, even love you? Everyone, to respect you?
It is a very classy way to make social fame in society. But, all you want is to make yourself the likable person. Yeah, you have to work on yourself, you have to create a suitable personality to make you comfortable with that word- LIKEABLE.

Peoples usually loves the one who is truly making things go, the one who is open minded, who don’t think others bad. Um, there is too many stuff under this, but I have come to you with 14 Techniques To Make Yourself More Likeable.
Let’s know these techniques shortly. 🙂
But keep this in mind that you don’t have to implement these things physically you have to work on it mentally also.



14.) Use A Person’s Name

Call everyone by their lovely name. We are all huge narcissists and we all love the sound of our own name. Learn their names and make use of them all the time.

13.) SMILE – With Feeling!

We heard this everywhere that smiling to others make ours and also their day better. Yeah, but don’t try to give them fake smiles(which are useless). Happiness rubs off on others. If your positive attitude brightens someone else’s day, that person will love you for it.

12.) LISTEN (not just with your ears)

You have to listen to your mate and have to understand the reason behind it. Why he is sharing that stuff with you while there are too many peoples in office.You can show you’re listening to someone through body language, eye contact, and verbal confirmation.

11.) Use Verbal Confirmation

Even mentioned above redeclaring this because this is a very important step you should not have to miss. Demonstrate your listening skills by repeating segments of what an individual has said.


10.) Conversation Recall: Prove You’re Paying Attention

To really show someone you’ve been paying attention, try bringing up a topic that the person mentioned earlier. This will make him/her feel open to talk too, cause you are hearing.

9.) Sincere Compliments and Plentiful Praise

Everyone loves compliments too. (even me too :)) What people really want is sincere appreciation- to be recognized and appreciated for their efforts.

8.) Handle Criticism With Tact

You have to be very careful about this. If someone makes an error, don’t call that person out in front of a group. be discreet. Dish out praise before and after a criticism.

7.) Avoid Issuing Orders – Ask Questions Instead

The best fun part about this is. The truth is that you can get the same result from asking a question as you can by giving an order.


6.) Be a Real Person, Not a Robot

You have to be like a Real man, not like a machine. You are human(The most powerful animal on earth kingdom). People like to see character and authenticity. Instead of vying to be the alpha male, try to be confident but respectful.

5.) Become An Expert In Story Telling

This is my favorite. Everyone loves stories to hear. Master, the fine oral tradition of story telling and people will flock to you like you are the BARD. Make them love you by telling their type of stories.

4.) Physical Touch

Hugging to your mate while giving congrats or shaking hands make perfect orientation in your bond. Very subtle physical touch makes individuals feel more connected to you.

3.) Ask For Advice

Don’t feel low this time. Asking for advice shows that you are giving value to the other individual’s opinions and demonstrate respect.

2.) Respect Being Boring

Add some kind of variation to conversations to make you more memorable, even in a tiny way – and just be yourself.

1.) Ask Question

Last but not the Least. You have to ask Questions ALL THE TIME. Learn from small kids how they used to learn new things? Just by asking questions. Ask yourself and also others. Asking to other people questions – about their lives, interests, passions – is a surefire way to get brownie points.


That’s it. This is the things you have to implement in your daily life to make yourself the most likable person in the room. And Again, you have to do this mentally (by heart) not just physical action steps. 🙂
Thank you.
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